Helpful Tips

The cheapest insurance when you send your belongings overseas, is to make sure you pack everything really well in good quality suitcases, bags or boxes using good quality packing tape.

Make sure your passports has at least 6 months validity and you have the right visa even if you are transiting or stopping in another country.

Always leave copies of your passport, drivers licence and credit cards with family in Australia just in case.

Check out the website for information regading the latest travel advice for your destination.

Familiarise yourself with and show sensitivity to local customs of where you are going. Search for information on these local customs on the internet or from guide books.

Don’t forget to bring an international power adapter! It is extremely hard to find a charger that converts from Australian to European/UK/USA/Asian sockets (but you will find plenty that convert the opposite way…frustrating!)

Mark down the number of the Australian embassy and local emergency number. (000 won’t work overseas!)

Take note of your travel insurance policy number & emergency assistance contact.


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